Folded Geometries

7 September - 1 October

TONY-BLACKMORE-2017-WVWG_93x126mm FINAL no bleed.jpg

Folded Geometries is a collection of large-scale geometric reliefs about light, shadow and reflection that shift with the passing movement of the viewer on the street.

 The underlying compositions of each work are based on grids where lines distort and intersect with variable frequencies. Similar to constructive interference in wave formations or the displacement of lines in moiré patterns, Tony experiments with size, angle, and spacing until a tertiary pattern is formed from which to create an undulating folded surface. With regimented precision, lines are mapped from the original drawing and scored onto drafting film before each is hand-folded and the surface nurtured into its final relief.

The resulting form often brings an element of surprise or unexpected drama. The drafting film used has a matt translucent surface that is able to both absorb and reflect light. Casting light and shade over the landscape of each work creates illusions of geometric shapes that shift in movement and depth, heightened further with the movement of the viewer.

In addition to Tony’s interests in geometry and physics, the work in Folded Geometries reflects an energy generated from a daily Buddhist practice and time spent in Japan where he observed origami in the making and studied the lighting, proportion and spaces of Japan’s traditional architecture.

Having moved from studios in south-east London to join Walthamstow-based City Studios, Tony took part in 2017’s E17 Art Trail, in a group exhibition entitled Sacred Geometry. His series of site-specific window hangings ‘CT Blue’ can still be seen inside St Peter’s-in-the-Forest Church on Woodford New Road, Upper Walthamstow on Sundays 2-5pm until Oct 1 2017.

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Detail from Tony Blackmore's 'Fibonacci Fold (diamond formation)'

Detail from Tony Blackmore's 'Fibonacci Fold (diamond formation)'