Poster image ©Susannah MItchell No 62

Poster image ©Susannah MItchell No 62


A diverse show of work from 60 contemporary artists, selected from hundreds submitted to an open call


To reserve an artwork from the exhibition please pay a £30 deposit via Paypal (you don't need a Paypal account, just log in as a 'guest'). Remember to state the number, artist and title. We'll be in touch soon to arrange to settle the balance and arrange to collect/deliver at the end of the exhibition in September, although prints may arrive sooner.
Happy art collecting!

1 Andrea Humphries ‘Red Amaryllis in a Stoneware Vase’ watercolour £200 in beech frame
2 Susannah Mitchell ‘Zoltar’ collage £125
3 Mark Sowden ‘Pink Sticker’ c-type print £175 ONE SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
4 Tim Boddy ‘Heygate Estate’ ed.20 £150
5 Janet Mitchell ‘Sweetie’ collage £125
6 Kirsten Schmidt ‘The Ancestors’ printed feathers £85 SOLD
7 Ali Reader ‘Highlands II’ mixed media collage £125
8 Simon Pemberton ‘Connaught Water’ inks, acrylic, watercolour £95 SOLD
9 Louise Weir ‘Lost and Forgotten Until the Storm’ archival giclee print on Hanamuhle paper £95 THREE SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
10 a,b,c Haydn Albrow ‘Sensors’ photograph and resin £90 each
11 Hannah Luxton ‘Sunny Side’ oil on linen £200 SOLD
12 Linda Gray ‘Hung Parliament’ fabric, machine embroidery, jewel stickers £70
13 Danny Coope ‘Hello Stranger’ from Epistles series, giclee print on Hahnemühle £75 (unframed)
14 Raewyn Harrison ‘1851 Balloon View of London’ (one only) porcelain, hand thrown and altered, with satin, crawling glazes and ceramic transfers £200 SOLD
15 Elvira Rose Oddy ’Hollowponds II’ oil on paper £200
16 Tim Reedy ‘Idiot, the Brie Isn’t Ripe’ brush pens £125
17 Ben Hendy ‘Illustrated Man’ Risograph Print, £50 framed or £30 unframed, Ed.of 16 (ONE SOLD, just 9 more available)
18 Julia Spicer ‘Eskimo’ collaged vintage magazine pictures £175
19 Gloria Sulli ‘Radiolario no2’ aluminium wire £100
20 Street of Blue Plaques, bespoke decal or giclee from £40 inc P&P, commissions undertaken via
21 Gloria Sulli ‘Radiolario no1’ white silicon £100
22 Tim Reedy ‘Piranharama’ brush pens £55 SOLD
23 Sharon Drew ‘Swirl 1’ acrylic on canvas £190
24 Kathryn E Robinson ‘William Morris Gallery’ wood engraving 1/1 £70 SOLD
25, 26 Lucy Henzell-Thomas ‘Gertrude Elion’ (L) ‘Barbara Mc Clintock’ SOLD (R) Women in Science Icons £50
27 Fletch Fletcher ‘*8.15 to Liverpool Street’ high quality print, Ltd ed 5/25 £75
28 Lynda McDonald ‘Fabulous Tapestry Building’ mixed media/textiles £190
29 Paul Tansley ‘From darkness no 3’ acrylic on canvas £200
30 Emma Russell ‘Get a Grip’ giclee print, signed open editions£40
31 Linda Green ‘Landscape 1’ acrylic on canvas £120
32 Gareth Parry ‘Isaac’ oil on canvas on board £80 SOLD
33 Anna Bisset ‘Waves’ watercolour £125 framed
34 Linda Hughes ‘Blackhorse Panorama’ giclee print, ed of 30, £75 framed/£55 unframed ONE SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
35 Ev Abbott ‘Beach’ [red umbrella] oil on canvas £130 SOLD
36 Mark Sowden ‘Above Water’ c-type print £190 TWO SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
37 Matt Siwerski ‘Unknown Location #2’ machine embroidered polyester cotton, satin, stabilizer £200 SOLD
38 Matthew Theobald ‘Xuebao, Snow Leopard’ etching, hard ground and soft ground, ed of 20, £150 framed/£70 unframed
39 Nicole Buning ‘Underground Living’ pop-up, two sheets of paper in frame £120
40 Lesley Coidan ‘A Flower Inspired by William Morris’ tambour beading, sorry not for sale
41 Anna Alcock ‘The Artist II’ collaged wood-engravings printed on gampi £200 unframed SOLD
42 Fiftyseven ‘King Of Mars’ 4 colour screenprint, ed of 25, £50 unframed/£100 framed
43 Jason Hawkridge, untitled, acrylic on canvas £177.71
44, 45 Lucy Henzell-Thomas ‘Octavia Butler’ (L) ‘Hayat bint Sulaiman bin Hassan Sindi’ (R) from Women in Science Icons £50
46 Sean Pines ‘Kevin Rowland’ digital photograph, archival giclee print £85 TWO SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
47 Adam Graff ‘The Amazing Illustrator Boys Guide to Walthamstow’ 4 colour risograph print on Munken Lynx 240gsm, ltd ed. £45 unframed FIVE SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
48 Ev Abbott ‘Beach’ [green umbrella] oil on canvas £130 SOLD
49 Cecilia Colussi ‘Bamboo Grove’ photographic print on German Hetching fine art paper, ed. of 50 signed at the back £195 unframed
50 Jannine Smith ’For Your Pleasure’ photograph £30 unframed
51 Thomas MacGregor ‘Hackney Marshes Without the Pylons but Electricity Included’ oil on panel £80
52 Julia Spicer ‘Red Heads’ collaged vintage magazine pictures £175
53 Brett Banks ‘Title Angry Man’ cobalt stone on ash base £130
54 Hester de Graag ‘Chameleon’ hand-crochet, £30. Other colours available to order via
55 Thomas MacGregor ‘Hackney Marshes Without the Pylons but Electricity Included 2’ oil on panel £80
56 Sharon Drew ‘Flip & Curl 19’ acrylic on board £190
57, 58 Lucy Henzell-Thomas ‘Maryam Mirzakhani ’ (L) ‘Chien-Shiung Wu’ (R) from Women in Science Icons £50
59 Paul Tucker ‘Second Chance’ archival inkjet print, ed. of 12 framed £100/unframed £60
60 Eleni Leoussi ‘Collage no 9’ giclee print, ed. 1/10 £180 framed
61 James Whitaker ‘Toddler with Bucket and Spade’ C-type print £35 unframed/£45 framed
62 Suzie Mitchell ‘Smiler’ giclee print on Hahnemühle £75 (unframed) ONE SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
63 Farah Ishaq ‘Comes in Waves’ woodcut, ed. 25, 15 available. £55 unframed/£90 framed
64 Andrew Baker ‘Lightbulb Heads’ giclee print, ed. of 50 £70 framed/£50 unframed
65 Stuart Moore ‘City Rain I’ C-type print £100 (framed) THREE SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
66 Sean Pines ‘Perpignan’ digital photograph, archival giclee print £85ONE SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
67 Thomas MacGregor ‘Camp Pistol’ oil on panel £120
68 Duncan Evans ‘Two figures’ mixed media on board £150 SOLD
69 Linda Gray ‘Liar Liar Pants on Fire' Fabric, machine embroidery and jewel stickers £70 SOLD
70 Robert William Jackson ‘Breakthrough No 3’ 3mm packaging plywood, altered by a single hammer blow, in solid oak box frame £120. From a series of 6
71 Yvonne Overton ‘Fig’ oil on canvas £95 SOLD
72 Linda Green ‘Landscape 2’ acrylic on canvas £120
73 Paul Lindt ‘Shot on location, Leytonstone’ digital photographic montage inspired by Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’, giclée print ed. of 25 £90 unframed SOLD OUT
74 Emma Scutt ‘Frank Isons’ watercolour £200