5-28 MAY 2017

Anorak Activity is a show of Paul Tucker's carefully composed photographs. He has a unique eye with a wonderful ability to turn easily overlooked juxtapositions of the everyday and the mundane, into quiet, beautifully constructed images whose elements are as well considered and framed as any painting. Clearly drawn to the linear qualities of scaffolding, wire, sticky tape, window frames and tree trunks Paul often finds frames within frames, verticals and horizontals and diagonals, incorporating blocks of colour or texture and the strong geometric shapes of triangles, circles and rectangles.

Photographs that examine the present and reflect on the past

A recurring theme in his projects is documenting the process of modern-day physical change for example the renovation of an old building such as the William Morris Gallery or the transformation of a former factory site into a state-of-the-art school whose semi-complete state mirrors that of the old factory; one empty, and waiting to be demolished, the other, empty and waiting for completion.

It’s Over documents the Hawker Siddeley Power Transformers E17 factory site, of over 80 years, prior to its demolition in 2005 and Recast shows the building of the state-of-the-art Frederick Bremer School in its place.
Beside the Seaside makes reference to the undefined space between the land and the sea. Under Construction is a series of images taken in Dubai that explore the transformation of the desert into a modern city and the contrasts that exist between the two. Bronte shows a home in Suffolk whose owner was moving on after 33 years. The interiors have a strong identity and evoke memories of past lives. Crimes and Misdemeanours are from an ongoing series of images focusing on those local signs that seem, to Paul, to shout the loudest as he walks around his local borough. Most recently Paul visited the Book Depository of Central Books in Hackney Wick to record the buildings in use before the company moves out to make way for a new hotel. Allotments looks at the life cycle of a local allotment from its dormant state in March to rapid and full growth in August. Under the Surface are a series of images taken at the William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow during the major refurbishment in 2012, capturing moments and elements that are about to fade from view as the finishing touches were added to the house before it returned to public life as a gallery and museum.