An Alternative Christmas Window:
An Installation by Magnus Irvin

From opening ceremony 13 Dec 2017-5 Jan 2018

Christmas is approaching and the good ship of “Crass Commercialism” is rapidly accelerating into top gear. As we are gaily swept along in its wake it is easy to lose sight of what the festive season is really about. For those who would like a colourful reminder they will find a pleasing alternative on display at the Walthamstow Village Window Gallery over the Christmas period.
Having spent countless minutes researching the pre-Christian origins of the festive season, the artist Magnus Irvin has devised a series of delightful, mechanised scenarios that fill all three windows of the gallery.
Do come to see the flying, trans-gender Green Man as it hovers above a forest of swaying pine trees. Wonder at the pataphysically inspired nativity scene as Mary shakes Joseph's hand whilst witnessing the immaculate birth of an archaeopteryx in the company or Per Ubu and his mates. Also gaze in awe as a cross between Santa Claus and a giant mollusc undulates before your eyes in a beautiful marine wonderland.
This may not sound like your normal Christmas card but each image is backed up with factual information that brings to our attention the centuries old rituals that have been incorporated into our present day Christmas.

The installation will be revealed to the public at the opening ceremony from 6.30-8pm on the evening of Weds 13 December 2017. Please do come along, everybody is welcome and it is most suitable for children and animals. Assuming that it may be cold, why not bring a thermos or hip flask?

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Photo for the E List by ©Chris MacAndrew
The December 2017 issue of the E List magazine features Magnus and City Studios in Walthamstow where he creates some of his work. Read the article for FREE on issuu here: