WALTHAMSTOW VILLAGE WINDOW GALLERY is very selective about what exhibitions it puts on. Rather than being a space for hire we prefer to receive proposals from artists/photographers/designers etc. Upfront and/or commission fees may apply.

The gallery's aim is to provide an exciting visual feast by local, national and international professional artists and creatives, featuring curated shows of quality painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, film, one/two/three man shows, Open exhibitions and group shows, even guest galleries, Christmas windows and theatrical window treatments, all to surprise and delight. If this sounds like you, read on. NB A helpful scale plan of the gallery can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

DURATION: We're considering installing exhibitions with a 6 week duration, up from monthly. 

While Estates17 provide the venue and day-to-day running costs such as lighting, a reasonable upfront fee - starting at £250 in low season - towards gallery staff costs and expenses (that sales commission alone usually doesn't cover) including but not limited to overseeing/assisting in the putting up/taking down/making good, caretaking the PV, maintaining our website and any social media. We usually design the window information sheets and an advert using our branding (and yours if applicable) to be published in the relevant E List, if deadlines allow.
This fee would be negotiable and applicable at our discretion, especially if your work isn't for sale, is very expensive or not commercial.

EXTRA FEES would apply for example for a change of wall colour, paid-for advertising etc

SALES COMMISSION on any sales in relation to your exhibition (including any direct customer/artist sales related to the show please!) at 40% commission on sales.

Please get in touch initially by email only with all the information required in the checklist below. If you're unable to provide any of the information please say why. Sell yourself to us!

  • tell us about the artist(s) as a person, what inspires them to create the work they do
  • description of the idea or artwork with approx sizes of artworks (and prices if applicable)
  • a CV with education, previous exhibitions, art fairs, sales history or press coverage (if any)
  • weblinks and social media accounts we may want to follow
  • good quality, representative images (as jpgs) of artwork(s) themselves, and ideally in situ too
  • your availability or any preference for time of year

Danny will be available to hang or assist on the hang; the gallery will supply A4 caption/CV/biog cards; list your show on press websites, design*** and fund an advert in Waltham Forest's popular monthly arts and culture magazine The E List; provide an internet, Google-searchable presence on this website and on social media; manage preview evenings* and field artwork enquiries and sales; and any handle purchase payments as necessary.

As we receive so many emails we can't always feed back or enter into correspondence - eg to request crucial and often basic information listed above [the biggest cause of failed applications] but we do look forward to hearing from you, and who knows, offer you your very own exhibition! Sell yourself to us!

best wishes,
Danny and the WVWG team

* We tend to run the preview night bar by reasonable donation just to cover costs, but happy for the artist(s) to cover that cost in order to offer a free bar.
** after & minus any credit/debit card handling fees approx 3-4%
*** other design and print production services are available for flyers, posters and postcards at competitive rates - using gallery brand guidelines. For consistency we can't accept self-designed marketing materials

If Google's to be believed our 24 hour exhibition space has almost always someone in the vicinity!