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18 April-12 May

Sally Taylor brings her incredible eye for detail to a new series of oil portraits of local people. Her portraits are characterised by a vitality, presence and affection. The great thing about a successful portrait is when an essence of the subject is captured, even as time goes by.
Sally divides her time between portrait painting and TV/film work as a model maker and designer. Her credits include Aardman Animation’s ‘Chicken Run’ and more recently Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’.

If you’d like Sally to paint a portrait for you, human or animal, please get in touch, email
The portrait process will begin with a photo session to provide reference material for Sally to paint from.
Prices for humans £1500, animals £900, double portraits £TBA. The paintings will be unframed, but framing can be arranged.

Want to buy a painting on display? Pay £100 deposit to secure it - via Paypal below. Be sure to tell us the Number & Name of the picture!

1 ‘Annabel (Percheron)’, oil on board £800 framed
2 ‘Annabel (Side view)’, oil on board £800 framed
3 ‘Scully (Blue Merle Collie)’, oil on board £500
4 ‘Sonic & Boom’, oil on board, Not for sale
5 ‘Rosie & Isolde’, oil on board £500
6 ‘Olly’, oil on board £500
7 ‘Julian’, oil on board £500
8 ‘Eliza’, oil on board £500
9 ‘Eve’, oil on board £500
10 ‘Ruby’, oil on board £800 framed
11 ‘Val (Blue)’, oil on board £1500 framed
12 ‘Tylah’, oil on board £500
13 ‘Helly’, oil on board Not for sale
14 ‘Sarah’, oil on board £500 framed
15 ‘Dan’, oil on board £500
16 ‘Yuri’, oil on board £500 framed
17 ‘Joe’, oil on board £500
18 ‘Carlotta’, oil on board £500
19 ‘Polly’, oil on board £500
20 ‘Val (Orange)’, oil on board £1500 framed
21 ‘Julian (2010)’, oil on board, Not for sale
22 ‘Kate & Eleanor’, oil on board £500
23 ‘Dean’, oil on board £500

Sally Taylor ‘Eve’, oil on board

Sally Taylor ‘Eve’, oil on board

Sally Taylor ‘Ruby’, oil on board

Sally Taylor ‘Ruby’, oil on board

Work by Richard Crooks, Michael Falzoni, Manish Harijan & Sofia Karim
7 March-7 April

A frequent complaint is ‘it is not what you know, but who you know’, the implication being that contacts are more important than merit. This can be turned around and reinterpreted as ‘who you speak with, rather than what you think’.

We are moulded by our experiences – our surroundings, the people we meet, observe and converse with. We absorb – we move, sometimes taking with us an impression; perhaps a blemish, a stain, a striation – or a mark that recalls the glow of joy, of fulfilment and of energy.

Each artist explores a personal relationship with legacies of Northern Europe and South Asia through their own interpretation of place and time through an exploration of media and process. We all take many paths and act upon many impulses in life – physical, emotional, creative and professional - and through time and at certain junctures we may intersect as seemingly random collisions - but indicative of shared interests, intuitions and also perhaps, in a shared spirit. Exchanges through time and across continents draw out dormant thoughts - as a key to unlock; a breath across a faint ember. We weave our own warp and weft.


©Manish Harijan

©Manish Harijan

Manish Harijan is now studying in the UK after establishing himself as a prominent artist in his homeland of Nepal and presents a suite of silkscreen prints presenting us with a collision between east and west that offers up such questions as: who does call the shots? Where is the power? Who decides the truth? He states that: …letter stamp of the queen symbolised the power of the great planet and sending the message via monkey God to other realm.

©Michael Falzoni

©Michael Falzoni

Michael Falzoni studied traditional forms of painting in India for many years and now explores ideas of unity, totality and integration; the works are playful yet precise, often becoming intuitive and seen expanding into unexpected forms of line and colour. They open new worlds for us through the patterns that emerge out of his meditative and completive investigations.

©Sofia Karim

©Sofia Karim

The artist, architect and activist Sofia Karim offers representations of real and imagined objects – a delicate sari and rice starch cast taken from the very sandals denied to the jailed political prisoner, Shahidul Alam - and the cast of her grandmother’s Koran stool. In addition, her finely drawn arc motifs repeat and overlap, creating rhythms as they traverse across the paper. These precious and subtle expressions are part of her Satyagraha series that are dedicated to a fellow architect currently incarcerated in prison.

Richard Crooks’ collages and clay sculpture are a response to the architectural styles that he photographed whilst cycling through parts of Nepal, India and Bangladesh. Constructed from these pictures and from the pieces that are left after cutting; components are woven, slashed, layered overlapped; reprinted, edited and torn away - until they rest. Pressed clay iterations taken from plaster piece moulds that have been cast from unique clay, hybrid architectural sculptures are combined with modelled and constructed sections in support of formal, expressive and sculptural considerations.

Richard Crooks, 2019

©Richard Crooks

©Richard Crooks


Select £100 as a deposit to reserve any picture over £100 or £70 to buy/reserve a Richard Crooks giclée print (inc P&P)
Number/Artist/Name of picture

SOFIA KARIM Instagram @_sofiakarim_ Twitter @_MAQUETTE_ (Karim’s works not for sale)
1 Cooking pots - cotton sari, rice starch, stitching
2 Broken child’s slipper - cotton sari, rice starch, stitching
3 Shaidul’s Slippers - Great grandmother’s sari, rice starch, gold thread
4 Satyagraha I-IV: architectural drawings dedicated to a fellow architect in jail; giclée print

MANISH HARIJAN Instagram @manishharijan
5 First Class (Pink)
6 First Class (Mustard)
7 First Class (Grey)
8 First Class (Orange I)
9 First Class (Orange II)
10 First Class (Yellow)
5-10 All acrylic, silkscreen on Somerset paper (edition of one) £630
11 Tongue “In conversation with you” bronze, wall, gold leaf £650

MICHAEL FALZONI Instagram @michaelfalzoniart Twitter @artoftheimagina
15 - 1. 66 x 66 cm £2,750
16 - 2. 80 x 32 cm £2,750
17 - 3. 47 x 33 cm £1,200
18 - 4. 39 x 39 cm £120 giclée print
19 - 5. 56 x 56 cm £2,750
20 - 6. 67 x 86 cm £2,750
21 - 7. 77 x 73 cm £2,750
22 - 8. 67 x 69 cm £2,750
23 - 9. 89 x 82 cm £2,750

RICHARD CROOKS Instagram @richardcrooks1964
24 Bagerhat Slice unique photographic analogue collage £1200
25 Louis’ Legacy unique photographic analogue collage £1100
26 Dhaka spread unique photographic analogue collage £1000
Signed editions of 24,25 & 26 (ed. of 30) Fine art print (unframed): A1 £125, A2 £85; A3 £65 plus £5 P&P.
Printed on Fotospeed 315gsm. Print life minimum 85yrs
27 There is a little bit of Caro everywhere - photographic analogue collage, £390 framed
28 Early morning Dhaka clay £950
29 Dhanmondi Cake clay, acrylic £390
30 Only when you are empty are you at standstill and balanced clay £950
31 For the Pillars of the Temple can stand apart clay £800
32 You shall not be trapped or tamed clay, acrylic £390
33 But you, children of space clay £390
34 At the foot of the Kuril flyover clay, acrylic £600
35 Shilpikala Freeride clay, spray paint, acrylic £550
36 On the Gulshan Expressway clay, spray paint, acrylic £550
37 Chittagong Dream clay, acrylic £380
38 A Rose View clay, glaze, acrylic £450
39 Monsoon soak 2 clay, acrylic £240
40 The road to Golaganj £350
41 Khulna flight clay, acrylic £350
42 A Dhanmondi Symphony clay, acrylic £290
43 Sylhet Archway clay, acrylic £550
44 Kat Towers 1 clay, acrylic £350
45 Kat Towers 2 clay, acrylic £300
46 Kat Towers 3 clay, acrylic £300
47 This way and that clay, acrylic, pencil £800
48 Best foot forward clay, acrylic, pencil £700
49 Still in that place clay, acrylic, pencil £800
50 Back to Ajanta clay, acrylic £700
51 Kat’ Towers reprise clay, acrylic £680
52 Out of Baisaphati clay, acrylic £780
53 Kat Towers 4 clay, acrylic £490
54 Patan split clay, acrylic £380
55 Patan heights clay, acrylic £380
56 But you, children of space clay, acrylic £370
57 Towards Baisapati clay, cement, acrylic £680
58 You should not be trapped or tamed clay, acrylic £350
59 Sylhet Archway clay, acrylic £480
60 Sundara Road clay acrylic £550
61 Ticchu Galli Street clay, acrylic £550
62 ‘Let there be spaces in your togetherness’ multiple, mixed media.
Several ‘Bangladesh’ titles drawn from Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet