Local artists respond to the threat of losing 81 trees, including many mature trees from Lime Tree Walk - as part of a controversial town centre redevelopment - by creating work celebrating the beauty and benefits of the threatened trees.

Reading Between The Limes was a fleeting exhibition you may have seen at the Winns Gallery attracting 700 visitors. A lament and a call to arms - it sought to highlight the contradiction between the local Council’s cleaner air ambitions and their willingness to approve such a reduction in green space and the felling of so many mature, beautiful and useful urban trees that do so much to improve the quality of our air, environment and our well-being.

Much of that exhibition comes to the WVWG this month where the artists will share their love, sadness and anger - through their art - with a new audience; encouraging us to feed back to the powers that be - imploring that they reconsider the design so as to minimise such unnecessary, irreparable loss.

Artists taking part: Martin Adams, Anna Alcock, Rebecca Coleman, Danny Coope, Yanire Sylva Delgado, Teresa Elwes, Maureen Gallaccio, Linda Green (also the curator), Adam Laurence, Kally Laurence, Lynda McDonald, Tracey O’Dea, Yvonne Overton, Ali Reader, Alke Schmidt, Kirsten Schmidt, Tom Stallard, Paul Tucker.


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© Danny Coope ‘The Walthamstow Chain Saw Massacre’

 © Rebecca Coleman ‘Flight of the Refugeees’

© Rebecca Coleman ‘Flight of the Refugeees’


Plans, decisions, minutes etc from the Planning Committee that approved the redevelopment plans for The Mall on 13 Dec 2017 from democracy.walthamforest.gov.uk
Independent Arboricultural Report (.pdf) that discovers errors in the survey into the health and age of the trees as described in The Tree Removal & Retention Plan
Waltham Forest Council’s TREE STRATEGY 2017-2022 (8MB .doc)
Trees in the Townscape: A Guide for Decision Makers as referenced in the above Tree Stategy (2.8MB .pdf) offering 12 principles of best practice, from The Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG)

Trees in RED are to be removed, including much of Lime Tree Walk. From The Tree Retention & Removal Plan of the approved town square development project.

“Through the ongoing care of our trees we aim to ensure that this essential feature of the borough’s identity is protected and enhanced for the benefit of future generations.” Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment June 2017, writing in the Council’s TREE STRATEGY

The benefits of mature trees by Capita Lovejoy / Trees and Design Action Group, cited in WF Council’s Tree Strategy