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16 March-22 April 2018

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‘Explorations’ is a diverse show of work by three Walthamstow women; friends, who meet regularly to share and critique one another’s work; questioning, encouraging, inspiring and motivating. They are Linda Green whose intensely jewel-like pieces are inspired by poetry and borne out of visits exploring Epping Forest. Saskia Huning - a specialist decorator on historic buildings by profession who explores the still-life in her personal work with a lively spontaniety. And Ali Reader whose recent work combines photography and painting to create images that explore her memories of the majestic landscape and fleeting weather of the Highlands of Scotland.

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ALI READER: Highlands Revisited I-XI
1. XI - acrylic and collage on canvas £320
2. IV - acrylic and monoprint collage on canvas £210
3. SOLD VII - acrylic and collage on canvas £170
4. VIII - acrylic and collage on canvas £210
5. VI - acrylic and collage on canvas £150
6. V - acrylic and charcoal pencil on canvas £170
7. SOLD I - acrylic and collage on canvas £170
8. X - acrylic and collage on canvas £150
9. SOLD IX - acrylic and collage on canvas £120
10. III - acrylic and collage on canvas £190
11. II - acrylic, collage and charcoal pencil on canvas £170

12. Flaming Flowers - acrylic, pen & pencil on paper £450 framed
13. Bilborough Bottle - acrylic, pen & pencil on paper £325 framed
14. Bottles on Flaming Red Ground - acrylic, pen & pencil on paper £450 framed
15. Westminster Blues 3 - acrylic, pen & pencil on paper £325 framed
16. Barclay Long Tall Vase & Flowers - acrylic, pen & pencil on paper £450 framed
17. Westminster Blues 4 - acrylic, pen & pencil on paper £325 framed

LINDA GREEN: Forest & Four Quartets series
18. Forest I - mixed media on paper, framed in A4 frame £110
19. Forest II - mixed media on paper, framed in A4 frame £110
20. Forest III - mixed media on paper, framed in A4 frame £110
21. Forest IV - mixed media on paper, framed in A4 frame £110
22. Forest V - mixed media on paper, framed in A3 frame £150
23. Forest VI - mixed media on paper, framed in A3 frame £150
24. Dry Salvages II - acrylic on canvas 43x43cm £350*
25. Burnt Norton V - acrylic on canvas 43x43cm £350*
26. Burnt Norton I - mixed media on canvas 75x75cm NFS*
*giclée prints available to order on artist’s rag paper at approx. same size: 24 & 25 at £95 and of 26 for £160

serendipity: paintings by GOMACG
2 Feb-11 March 2018
PV Thursday 1 Feb 7-9pm

GOMACG’s inspiration comes from exploring and observing the urban picturesque of London. He’s interested in the vernacular of buildings, walls, pavements, shop-signs and street-signs. The ephemeral layered textures and colours of their worn surfaces. The walls covered with vivid street art portraiture amongst the transitory graphics of stickers, adverts, posters and graffiti. The ever changing collation of arbitrary images and texts creates unique collages - as varied as they are impermanent – as mutable as memories.

His paintings aim to capture the strong visual resonance that a fleeting moment invokes. The narrative of the moment – in the painting -  is unique in creation and combination, taken from sketchbook artwork, photographs and research. The composition creates juxtaposed images and words that, like the facets of a memory, emerge decisively, partially or obliquely. The montage of real and imagined images becomes in part abstracted and obscured through the layering of paint. The paintings’ visual narrative remains fluid, intuitively adaptable throughout which reflects the transience of imagery. It conjures up serendipity - the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.



The practical creation of a painting is also in flux throughout. Suggestive of the subject matter GOMACG uses mixed-media: acrylic, gloss and spray paint, ink, pens, pencils, and collaged paper on canvas or board. The initial clarity of words and images become partially ambiguous amongst the layers of paint and collage. This process mimics the visceral erasing of overlaid imagery and text by tearing, cutting and scratching. He aims to create a narrative of visual fragments that even as they appear they are signifying their own impermanence. To suggest that even as memories are captured they are simultaneously eroding.
GOMACG trained at Glasgow School of Art and Camberwell; he's illustrated for The Guardian, NME and Time Out and was a recent hit on the E17 Art Trail.
Click here for GOMACG's website
GOMACG on Instagram & Facebook


A2 size (approx 42x60cm) giclée prints are available (of all paintings except 1 and 23) in a Limited Special Exhibition Edition,
unframed, for just £100. They’ll be made to order, signed, numbered and ready for collection or delivery in early March.

1. Muerte! - Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 91x152cm £1400
2. Easy 8 - Archival giclée print on German archival paper 55x70cm Limited edition of 12 £140
3. Nailmouth says Thank You - Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 62x80cm £1000 (and archival giclée prints on German archival paper 55x70cm Limited edition of 12 £140)
4. London A Fuckin Mystery Circus - Acrylic on canvas 42x60cm £600
5. A Date Night with Elvis - Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 46x61cm £600
6. Bohemia - Vagabond A Bohemian Fairy Tale - Acrylic and mm on canvas 42x60 £600
7. Carole Lombard - Sure Shot Screwball Angel - Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 70x100cm £1200
8. 1 X PRINT SOLD Nichelle Nichols - Venus Power 77 - Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 70x100cm £1200
9. SOLD Veronica Lake - Smoke Party Dynamite - Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 70x100cm £1200
10. 1 X PRINT SOLD Nancy Sinatra Phaedra 4567 Reprise - Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 70x100cm £1200
11. Lucy - Bar Confectioner Especial - Te Amo - Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 70x100cm £1200
12. NO EXIT - Acrylic on canvas 42x60cm £600
13. Smirkin’ Merkin The House and Playground Dog - Acrylic on canvas 42x60cm £600
14. L O V E17 - Archival giclee A2 print 42x60cm £100 (or acrylic on canvas 42x60cm £600)
15. VILLAGE IDIOT - Acrylic on canvas 42x60cm £600
16. BLUE BEAR ON A BIKE - Archival giclee A2 print 42x60cm £100 (or acrylic on canvas 42x60cm £600)
17. Devil’s Brew - Acrylic on canvas. 42 x 60cm. £600
18. The Art Mistress - Acrylic on canvas. 42 x 60cm £600
19. Explosive Side - Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 42x60cm £600
20. Soft Love - Acrylic & mixed media on wooden board 47x65cm £600
21. Hope Chapel - Acrylic & mixed media on wooden Board 47x65cm £600
22. Speed - Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 92x122cm £1400
23. Saint Evil Brothers - Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 91x152cm £1400



An Alternative Christmas Window: An Installation by Magnus Irvin
From opening ceremony 13 Dec 2017-5 Jan 2018

The December 2017 issue of the E List magazine features Magnus and City Studios in Walthamstow where he creates some of his work. Read the article for FREE on issuu here:


Christmas is approaching and the good ship of “Crass Commercialism” is rapidly accelerating into top gear. As we are gaily swept along in its wake it is easy to lose sight of what the festive season is really about. For those who would like a colourful reminder they will find a pleasing alternative on display at the Walthamstow Village Window Gallery over the Christmas period.
Having spent countless minutes researching the pre-Christian origins of the festive season, the artist Magnus Irvin has devised a series of delightful, mechanised scenarios that fill all three windows of the gallery.
Do come to see the flying, trans-gender Green Man as it hovers above a forest of swaying pine trees. Wonder at the pataphysically inspired nativity scene as Mary shakes Joseph's hand whilst witnessing the immaculate birth of an archaeopteryx in the company or Per Ubu and his mates. Also gaze in awe as a cross between Santa Claus and a giant mollusc undulates before your eyes in a beautiful marine wonderland.
This may not sound like your normal Christmas card but each image is backed up with factual information that brings to our attention the centuries old rituals that have been incorporated into our present day Christmas.

The installation will be revealed to the public at the opening ceremony from 6.30-8pm on the evening of Weds 13 December 2017. Please do come along, everybody is welcome and it is most suitable for children and animals. Assuming that it may be cold, why not bring a thermos or hip flask?

16 NOV -  10 DEC 2017


1 Annie Nicholson: Taboo Emotions (excerpt) - Annie’s current projects include a large scale installation for the Turner Prize in Hull, City of Culture 2017, and an installation in a new café/restaurant space HER in Hackney
2 Linda Gray: Cow - work reclaiming derogatory terms used to describe women fabric, machine embroidery and stick on jewels on canvas £40 unframed
3 Hooksmith Press: Hollow Pond Bear - letterpress printed with Victorian woodtype and recovered 1920s copper bear plate, rubber ink. 1/1 Artist Proof Framed £150
4 - SOLD - Hatred Ceases By Love - vintage peace poster, original printer’s proof, 1940. Printed by Cheney, Banbury £150, framed in folded condition, in wood frame with acrylic glazing, as seen.
5 - SOLD - Corita Kent (USA, 1918-1986) I Love You - vintage print from a box set, United Church Press 1968. £140, framed
A friend and contemporary of Andy Warhol, Corita Kent (a nun in the religious order Immaculate Heart of Mary) used her Pop Art talents to draw attention to poverty, racism and injustice. Her bold work incorporates advertising images and slogans, popular song lyrics and biblical verses.
6 Jean-Pierre Vitra: Imbroglio wall calendar - designed in 1972. The word Imbroglio means hidden or muddled in France, where the design originates. Powder-coated steel with plastic, magnetic cursor £75, display copy, in original opened box
7 John Bradley: Prixadie I - collage of letterpress wood type £300 (unframed)
8 Massimo Vignelli Max 365 classic perpetual calendar - Designed for Nava, Milan, 1975. Heavy-weight cardboard, each page displays a date of the month. £70
9 Joseph Windsor: The Beatles in Walthamstow - based on the original poster for The Beatles gig at The Granada Cinema, Walthamstow in 1963. Digitally drawn giclée print on Hahnemuhle photo rag 308gsm (smooth fine art paper) A3 Ltd ed. print, numbered and signed £50 unframed (49 available); Framed display copy £80 (collection only)
10 Fleabite Scabs, a poem by Fletch Fletcher
11 Nicole Buning: Eh - From an ongoing series exploring the local differences in the English language. Hand cut fluorescent card, low-energy LED. £120 framed
12 Danny Coope: Calling At... - using a railway destination board to take us on a journey through some of Britain’s quirkiest placenames. Programmed LED Display Panel £475
13 Hooksmith Press: WORD - letterpress printed, rubber ink 1870’s Chromatic Woodtype, 300gsm Recycled Card £60 framed, £30 unframed
14 Juliet Thomas: Finest Wines - TWO SOLD - A3 screenprint. £25 unframed
15 God’s Own Junkyard E List magazine ‘E’ - commissioned light/neon piece. Not for sale.
16 Louche: Desire - letterpress hand-printed at Paekakariki Press in E17. Signed, ltd ed. of 50, 20 available Framed in custom-made frame £75, unframed £30
17 Archie Proudfoot: END - ONE SOLD - signed giclée print, ed. of 50 Unframed £65, framed display copy £120
18 Steve Mitchell / 57Design: & - ONE SOLD - two colour print, black and metallic gold on British Racing Green. Hand-printed by the artist, signed/numbered ltd ed 100. Framed print £150, unframed £80
19 Joseph Windsor: The Love of Morris - ONE SOLD - Robert Indiana’s LOVE gets the William Morris treatment. Digitally drawn giclée print on 308gsm smooth fine art paper. Unframed £50, open edition. Framed display copy £70
20 John Bradley Metis II - collage of letterpress wood type £200
21 Eleni Leoussi: Inkjet print of ‘collage no 36’ - edition 1/25 framed £350 unframed £200
22 Johanna Melvin: Footnote - acrylic on linen. Unframed £750
23 Louche: Wits - letterpress hand-printed at Paekakariki, E17. Signed, limited edition of 50, 20 available. Framed in custom-made frame £75, unframed £30
24 Archie Proudfoot STOP - reverse-glass gilded piece, made with steel, glass, 23 carat gold leaf, mother of pearl and enamel paint £1850
25 John Bradley: Dione III - collage of letterpress wood type £300
26 Andrew Baker: A is for NONSENSE - SIX SOLD - giclée print, ltd. ed of 25. Framed print £80, unframed print £60
27 Vintage Playing Cards: Mrs & Mrs - collage of vintage letter cards, framed only, £55. Other phrases available.
28 ShortShaun: Hell Hath No Fury - digital print framed £75, unframed £70
29 Joseph Windsor: Typographic Tube Map: Victoria Line - THREE SOLD - digitally drawn giclée print on 308gsm smooth fine art paper. Unframed £50, open edition, framed display copy £70
30 Nicole Buning: ‘Innit’ - from an ongoing series exploring the local differences in the English language. Hand cut fluorescent card, low-energy LED. £130 framed
31 Sam Thompson: I Love Leyton - giclée prints on A2 Hahnemuhle Photorag 308gsm £100 unframed, open edition
32 Danny Coope: Brief Encounter - The cloud of steam uses excerpts of dialogue from the classic 1946 film romance. Giclée print to order (other colours available) 21 available of edition of 25. £95 unframed
33 Lucy-Henzell-Thomas: Neon Sports Bar - acrylic paint/stitch/fine glitter on canvas £250
34 Edward McKnight Kauffer (1890-1954): ARP Air Raid Precautions - SOLD - vintage original poster from 1938, by American artist and famed designer of London Transport posters 1915-39. Framed £295, metal frame with acrylic glazing
35 Paul Tucker: Concrete for Breakfast - from the series Stranger Than Fiction. Archival inkjet print, framed £100, unframed £60
36  Linda Gray: Tart - SOLD - work reclaiming derogatory terms used to describe women fabric, machine embroidery and stick on jewels on canvas £40 (unframed)
37 Sam Thompson: I Love Leytonstone - giclée prints on A2 Hahnemuhle Photorag 308gsm £100 unframed, open edition
38 John Bradley: Tranquility - collage of letterpress wood type £200
39 Liz Purkis: Words Are (text from Jeanette Winterson’s novel ‘Lighthousekeeping’ 2004) - black ink, collaged images from local archival material, bleach £100 framed and mounted, £75 mounted only.
40 Fiona Shaw: New Structures Will Appear Here Soon - screenprint, edition of 10 (4 available) £100 unframed, £115 framed
41 Emma Russell: Flamingo Alphabet - archival giclée print on Hahnemuhle Museum Etching paper £90 unframed, Framed display copy £150



5-29 October 2017

Photographic work by artist Mark Sowden

Mark Sowden takes photographs when he is on the move travelling from one place to another. These are familiar journeys repeated many times whether it is the cycle commute to Beckton, the walk to Walthamstow Central or the train ride to Liverpool Street. The familiarity of these journeys allows Mark to spot those things that are unique to each individual journey. That may be a particular condition of light or weather or it may be an out of place object newly placed in the landscape. In London it may be the demolition of the old and the building of new structures as the very fabric of the city changes day by day.

If he is travelling by foot or by bike Mark can stop his journey and use the camera to still time and frame the thing that has caught his attention. This body of work is represented in this exhibition by the grid of square photographs. Each image is in some way a puzzle, an odd coming together of objects, landscape and light that will hopefully hold the viewers attention for a while and give pause to their own journey.


The panorama photographs on display are different. They are made on the move. In fact the panorama function on the i phone is only activated by the camera’s movement relative to its subject and the resulting image is constructed as the camera moves through space and time. This moves the photograph far away from ideas of the decisive moment and single point perspective. To use the camera in this way the photographer must anticipate what may happen further down the line and then let the image build itself. The photographer is only ever partially in control and the results are often surprising. Despite or maybe because of the distortion and glitches inherent in this process, these images seem true to the experience of moving through a landscape.

Starting a new journey, opening the shutter, starting a process.
Stopping to look more closely, holding on to a moment, stopping time.
Starting again, on the look out, waiting, moving.
Stopping to slow down, to finish to preserve and share.

TONY-BLACKMORE-2017-WVWG_93x126mm FINAL no bleed.jpg

Tony Blackmore:
Folded Geometries

Large-scale geometric reliefs about light, shadow and reflection that shift with the passing movement of the viewer


Preview drinks 7-9pm
Thursday 7 September

Everyone is welcome to join us for a drink, including children and dogs, at our street-facing accessible venue. There'll be a donation bar on preview night, or BYO.
All our exhibitions are designed to be enjoyed by everyone from the street during daylight hours and lit until midnight. So you need never miss a show!

 Detail from Tony Blackmore's 'Fibonacci Fold (diamond formation)'

Detail from Tony Blackmore's 'Fibonacci Fold (diamond formation)'

 Poster image ©Susannah MItchell No 62

Poster image ©Susannah MItchell No 62


A diverse show of work from 60 contemporary artists, selected from hundreds submitted to an open call


To reserve an artwork from the exhibition please pay a £30 deposit via Paypal (you don't need a Paypal account, just log in as a 'guest'). Remember to state the number, artist and title. We'll be in touch soon to arrange to settle the balance and arrange to collect/deliver at the end of the exhibition in September, although prints may arrive sooner.
Happy art collecting!

1 Andrea Humphries ‘Red Amaryllis in a Stoneware Vase’ watercolour £200 in beech frame
2 Susannah Mitchell ‘Zoltar’ collage £125
3 Mark Sowden ‘Pink Sticker’ c-type print £175 ONE SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
4 Tim Boddy ‘Heygate Estate’ ed.20 £150
5 Janet Mitchell ‘Sweetie’ collage £125
6 Kirsten Schmidt ‘The Ancestors’ printed feathers £85 SOLD
7 Ali Reader ‘Highlands II’ mixed media collage £125
8 Simon Pemberton ‘Connaught Water’ inks, acrylic, watercolour £95 SOLD
9 Louise Weir ‘Lost and Forgotten Until the Storm’ archival giclee print on Hanamuhle paper £95 THREE SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
10 a,b,c Haydn Albrow ‘Sensors’ photograph and resin £90 each
11 Hannah Luxton ‘Sunny Side’ oil on linen £200 SOLD
12 Linda Gray ‘Hung Parliament’ fabric, machine embroidery, jewel stickers £70
13 Danny Coope ‘Hello Stranger’ from Epistles series, giclee print on Hahnemühle £75 (unframed)
14 Raewyn Harrison ‘1851 Balloon View of London’ (one only) porcelain, hand thrown and altered, with satin, crawling glazes and ceramic transfers £200 SOLD
15 Elvira Rose Oddy ’Hollowponds II’ oil on paper £200
16 Tim Reedy ‘Idiot, the Brie Isn’t Ripe’ brush pens £125
17 Ben Hendy ‘Illustrated Man’ Risograph Print, £50 framed or £30 unframed, Ed.of 16 (ONE SOLD, just 9 more available)
18 Julia Spicer ‘Eskimo’ collaged vintage magazine pictures £175
19 Gloria Sulli ‘Radiolario no2’ aluminium wire £100
20 Street of Blue Plaques, bespoke decal or giclee from £40 inc P&P, commissions undertaken via
21 Gloria Sulli ‘Radiolario no1’ white silicon £100
22 Tim Reedy ‘Piranharama’ brush pens £55 SOLD
23 Sharon Drew ‘Swirl 1’ acrylic on canvas £190
24 Kathryn E Robinson ‘William Morris Gallery’ wood engraving 1/1 £70 SOLD
25, 26 Lucy Henzell-Thomas ‘Gertrude Elion’ (L) ‘Barbara Mc Clintock’ SOLD (R) Women in Science Icons £50
27 Fletch Fletcher ‘*8.15 to Liverpool Street’ high quality print, Ltd ed 5/25 £75
28 Lynda McDonald ‘Fabulous Tapestry Building’ mixed media/textiles £190
29 Paul Tansley ‘From darkness no 3’ acrylic on canvas £200
30 Emma Russell ‘Get a Grip’ giclee print, signed open editions£40
31 Linda Green ‘Landscape 1’ acrylic on canvas £120
32 Gareth Parry ‘Isaac’ oil on canvas on board £80 SOLD
33 Anna Bisset ‘Waves’ watercolour £125 framed
34 Linda Hughes ‘Blackhorse Panorama’ giclee print, ed of 30, £75 framed/£55 unframed ONE SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
35 Ev Abbott ‘Beach’ [red umbrella] oil on canvas £130 SOLD
36 Mark Sowden ‘Above Water’ c-type print £190 TWO SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
37 Matt Siwerski ‘Unknown Location #2’ machine embroidered polyester cotton, satin, stabilizer £200 SOLD
38 Matthew Theobald ‘Xuebao, Snow Leopard’ etching, hard ground and soft ground, ed of 20, £150 framed/£70 unframed
39 Nicole Buning ‘Underground Living’ pop-up, two sheets of paper in frame £120
40 Lesley Coidan ‘A Flower Inspired by William Morris’ tambour beading, sorry not for sale
41 Anna Alcock ‘The Artist II’ collaged wood-engravings printed on gampi £200 unframed SOLD
42 Fiftyseven ‘King Of Mars’ 4 colour screenprint, ed of 25, £50 unframed/£100 framed
43 Jason Hawkridge, untitled, acrylic on canvas £177.71
44, 45 Lucy Henzell-Thomas ‘Octavia Butler’ (L) ‘Hayat bint Sulaiman bin Hassan Sindi’ (R) from Women in Science Icons £50
46 Sean Pines ‘Kevin Rowland’ digital photograph, archival giclee print £85 TWO SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
47 Adam Graff ‘The Amazing Illustrator Boys Guide to Walthamstow’ 4 colour risograph print on Munken Lynx 240gsm, ltd ed. £45 unframed FIVE SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
48 Ev Abbott ‘Beach’ [green umbrella] oil on canvas £130 SOLD
49 Cecilia Colussi ‘Bamboo Grove’ photographic print on German Hetching fine art paper, ed. of 50 signed at the back £195 unframed
50 Jannine Smith ’For Your Pleasure’ photograph £30 unframed
51 Thomas MacGregor ‘Hackney Marshes Without the Pylons but Electricity Included’ oil on panel £80
52 Julia Spicer ‘Red Heads’ collaged vintage magazine pictures £175
53 Brett Banks ‘Title Angry Man’ cobalt stone on ash base £130
54 Hester de Graag ‘Chameleon’ hand-crochet, £30. Other colours available to order via
55 Thomas MacGregor ‘Hackney Marshes Without the Pylons but Electricity Included 2’ oil on panel £80
56 Sharon Drew ‘Flip & Curl 19’ acrylic on board £190
57, 58 Lucy Henzell-Thomas ‘Maryam Mirzakhani ’ (L) ‘Chien-Shiung Wu’ (R) from Women in Science Icons £50
59 Paul Tucker ‘Second Chance’ archival inkjet print, ed. of 12 framed £100/unframed £60
60 Eleni Leoussi ‘Collage no 9’ giclee print, ed. 1/10 £180 framed
61 James Whitaker ‘Toddler with Bucket and Spade’ C-type print £35 unframed/£45 framed
62 Suzie Mitchell ‘Smiler’ giclee print on Hahnemühle £75 (unframed) ONE SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
63 Farah Ishaq ‘Comes in Waves’ woodcut, ed. 25, 15 available. £55 unframed/£90 framed
64 Andrew Baker ‘Lightbulb Heads’ giclee print, ed. of 50 £70 framed/£50 unframed
65 Stuart Moore ‘City Rain I’ C-type print £100 (framed) THREE SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
66 Sean Pines ‘Perpignan’ digital photograph, archival giclee print £85ONE SOLD, MORE AVAILABLE
67 Thomas MacGregor ‘Camp Pistol’ oil on panel £120
68 Duncan Evans ‘Two figures’ mixed media on board £150 SOLD
69 Linda Gray ‘Liar Liar Pants on Fire' Fabric, machine embroidery and jewel stickers £70 SOLD
70 Robert William Jackson ‘Breakthrough No 3’ 3mm packaging plywood, altered by a single hammer blow, in solid oak box frame £120. From a series of 6
71 Yvonne Overton ‘Fig’ oil on canvas £95 SOLD
72 Linda Green ‘Landscape 2’ acrylic on canvas £120
73 Paul Lindt ‘Shot on location, Leytonstone’ digital photographic montage inspired by Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’, giclée print ed. of 25 £90 unframed SOLD OUT
74 Emma Scutt ‘Frank Isons’ watercolour £200

1-30 JUNE 2017

Henry Miller Fine Art presents
The Engravings of Francis West

Francis West was born in 1936 in Fraserborough, a fishing community on the Moray Firth in Scotland, where he spent his formative years. Moving to London, after his National Service mostly spent in Malaysia, he studied at the Chelsea School of Art between 1957 and 1959. Francis’ grandfather, a fisherman and a Sunday painter, thought that art as a profession was no work for a man and his father, also a fisherman was of like mind but unable to influence Francis otherwise.

 Difficult to categorise in any particular style or movement, his work is steeped in the knowledge of the great traditions of figurative art. An extraordinary draftsman, whether painting, drawing or, as here, engraving, his work exudes an inimitable style of its own, full of wondrous people, mythical creatures and performing animals.
 Francis’ career spanned over 40 years, from his first solo show in 1973, to his final collection of paintings, exhibited posthumously in 2016 by the Megan Piper Gallery; some of which were completed just before his untimely death in December 2015. He leaves an extraordinary body of work, which is a testament to his sustained daily commitment to drawing and painting.
 His work is included in public collections, including the British Museum, Pallant House Gallery, Arts Council of Great Britain, Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as numerous private collections.

Henry Miller Fine Art is a gallery based in Walthamstow, East London, whose general collection showcases a curated collection of works focusing on the male form. The collection spans many centuries and types of media, and includes paintings, drawings, prints and photography from the 17th Century to the present day.

Henry Miller Fine Art
020 8509 2044 / 07769 700290

5-28 MAY 2017

Anorak Activity is a show of Paul Tucker's carefully composed photographs. He has a unique eye with a wonderful ability to turn easily overlooked juxtapositions of the everyday and the mundane, into quiet, beautifully constructed images whose elements are as well considered and framed as any painting. Clearly drawn to the linear qualities of scaffolding, wire, sticky tape, window frames and tree trunks Paul often finds frames within frames, verticals and horizontals and diagonals, incorporating blocks of colour or texture and the strong geometric shapes of triangles, circles and rectangles.

Photographs that examine the present and reflect on the past

A recurring theme in his projects is documenting the process of modern-day physical change for example the renovation of an old building such as the William Morris Gallery or the transformation of a former factory site into a state-of-the-art school whose semi-complete state mirrors that of the old factory; one empty, and waiting to be demolished, the other, empty and waiting for completion.

It’s Over documents the Hawker Siddeley Power Transformers E17 factory site, of over 80 years, prior to its demolition in 2005 and Recast shows the building of the state-of-the-art Frederick Bremer School in its place.
Beside the Seaside makes reference to the undefined space between the land and the sea. Under Construction is a series of images taken in Dubai that explore the transformation of the desert into a modern city and the contrasts that exist between the two. Bronte shows a home in Suffolk whose owner was moving on after 33 years. The interiors have a strong identity and evoke memories of past lives. Crimes and Misdemeanours are from an ongoing series of images focusing on those local signs that seem, to Paul, to shout the loudest as he walks around his local borough. Most recently Paul visited the Book Depository of Central Books in Hackney Wick to record the buildings in use before the company moves out to make way for a new hotel. Allotments looks at the life cycle of a local allotment from its dormant state in March to rapid and full growth in August. Under the Surface are a series of images taken at the William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow during the major refurbishment in 2012, capturing moments and elements that are about to fade from view as the finishing touches were added to the house before it returned to public life as a gallery and museum.

7-30 APRIL 2017

Inspired by a trip to India painter Kally Laurence sees her world with fresh eyes and
goes back to her printmaking roots with a joyous body of work.

In Kally Laurence’s most recent work she’s gone back to her roots as a printmaker and has engaged in making large scale monotypes, using a combination of screen print, block print and painting. She wanted the work to be beautiful and at the same time hold an energy and spontaneity. “I love the making,” she says, “the processes and the physical actions and experiments of layering and deleting elements, over painting and playing with colour and density. I declare a work to be finished when it says back to me all that I felt at that point of time and the place it is depicting”.

I love the making, the processes and the physical actions and experiments of layering and deleting elements, over painting and playing with colour and density

During a trip to India she became interested in the detail of everyday life; realising that it is noticing, enjoying and celebrating the mundane and its infinite detail that is far more important to her than grand events. In such a visual environment, so far from her norm, she vowed to take more notice of her daily surroundings on her return home.

Having graduated from the Royal College of Art in “what seems like a hundred years ago,” Kally has spent the last few years bringing up a family, teaching and co-running Queenie and Ted, an up-cycled fashion business. Having worked in the world of fashion and textiles she found herself drawn to pattern and repetition, both common features in the world she inhabits in daily life - a seat pattern on a train to Southend that’s subtly different to the pattern of the flooring; mismatched fabric seat covers in a bar in Greece; a fridge decorated with patterned sticky-back-plastic dumped at Hollow Ponds.

“I’m constantly taking photos, always keeping an open mind for the accidental ‘art’ and beauty that surrounds us and that we can so easily miss while rushing through life as we do”. The imminence of her children leaving home makes the beauty of the mundane even more relevant. Ultimately to live more in the present, to slow down the pace. So upon arriving home from India she started taking notice of the nuances and hidden beauty in her corner of East London. “I use my work as a way of seeing and living in my world, a way of making it special, noticing both the external visual elements as well as the internal emotions and responses it evokes, and quite honestly I use it as an excuse for wandering the streets or staring out the window of a train, being open to the world around me.” This is particularly important to her in a world where it is so easy to disappear, head down, into technology and miss so much.

It’s the accidental sights and emotions that interest Kally. “Why do we notice what we do?” she wonders. “In the right frame of mind we can be aware of the most pleasing and inspiring things in the most unexpected of places - the pale yellow tiles with a few gaps at Barbican station, the interior of a frequently visited local cafe on Walthamstow Market where the owner has juxtapositioned Turkish artefacts with fluorescent signs and tourist posters on a jade coloured background.” Kally was seeing familiar streets differently now, “the normal becomes special when observed from a different perspective.”

1 MARCH-2 APRIL 2017

Footfall Art is a pop up window project that collaborates with businesses to create exhibitions by some of London’s most exciting upcoming artists. It is a unique bridge that connects the public with fine art, providing a valuable platform for exposure to large audiences. Initiated in 2013 by Slade graduate artist, Hannah Luxton, the project began in Bermondsey at Macai, an independent construction and interiors company, and showcased 16 painters over the 18 month residency. In the summer of 2016, Footfall began an on-going residency at the Camden People’s Theatre at 58-60 Hampstead Road NW1 2PY


1.     LUCY SMALLBONE ‘Cactus’ £850 oil on board, 35 x 45cm, 2016
2.     LEON POZNIAKOW ‘Below the Grid’ £950 oil on linen, 25 x 30cm, 2016
3.     NEILL CLEMENTS ‘Untitled (Trove)’ £320 acrylic and ink on jute, 20 x 25cm, 2016
4.     JACK SUTHERLAND ‘Cut Tooth’ £525 acrylic and spray paint on panel, 20 x 25cm, 2015
5.     CHARLEY PETERS ‘Configuration #31’ £1400 acrylic on panel, 18 x 24cm, 2015
6.     KARL BIELIK ‘Quarry’ £800 oil on canvas, 20 x 25cm, 2012
7.     Alexandra Roussopoulos ‘Libres et Mobiles’ £3100 ceramic, 53 x 34cm, 2009
8.     Lucy Smallbone ‘Shoulder Roll’ £850 oil on board, 35 x 45cm, 2016
9.     Karl Bielik ‘Wane’, £800 oil on canvas, 20 x 25cm, 2009
10.   Jack Sutherland ‘Game of Balance (Dislocator)’ £600 spray paint and oil on panel, 23 x 30cm, 2017
11.    Nina Royle ‘Sun Stop’ £450 coloured gesso on shaped wood panel, 19x 22cm, 2016
12.   Nina Royle ‘Clarity in the Stream’ £550 ink, acrylic & coloured gesso on shaped wood panel, 19 x 22cm, 2016
13.   Nina Royle ‘Relic for the Sun’ NFS oil and gesso shaped wood panel, 19 x 22, 2016
14.   Nina Royle ‘Heavy Shower’ £500 coloured gesso on shaped wood panel, 19 x 22cm, 2016
15 & 16.   Marion Piper ‘The Link’ £280 each acrylic and oil on canvas, 18 x 24cm each, 2016
17.    Benjamin Deakin ‘Instigator’ £600 oil on linen, 39 x 47cm, 2015
18.    Karl Bielik ‘Swerve’ £800 oil on linen, 25 x 20cm, 2014
19.    Marion Piper ‘Reaching for Art’ NFS pencil on found book, 13 x 18cm, 2017
20.   Charley Peters ‘Untitled <Line/Space/Colour/Study>’ £800 acrylic on plywood, 18 x 24cm, 2016
21.    Neill Clements ‘Untitled (Lost City)’ £230 acrylic on waxed cotton tarpaulin, 18 x 20cm, 2017
22.   Leon Pozniakow ‘Above the Grid’ £950 oil on linen, 25 x 30cm, 2016
23.   Wendy McLean ‘Untitled (stairs)’ £1300 oil on panel, 40 x 50cm, 2016
24. Felix Baudenbacher ‘Small Plaster Plates – Table Top Arrangement 4’ £2400 oil and wax on plaster, 33 x 29 x 23cm, 2017

Contact details of Footfall artists in the exhibition:
Felix Baudenbacher | | IG @fbaudenbacher | Twitter @baudenbacherart
Karl Bielik | |IG karl_bielik |Twitter @lark_2006
Neill Clements | | IG @neill_clements |Twitter @fundamental_p
Benjamin Deakin | | IG @benjamin_deakin | Twitter @benjamin_deakin
Wendy McLean | | IG @wendy_mclean_
Charley Peters | | IG @charleypeters | Twitter @charley_peters
Marion Piper | | IG @marion_piper | Twitter @marionpiper
Leon Pozniakow | | IG @leonpozniakow | Twitter @LEONPOZ
Alexandra Roussopoulos | | IG @alexandraroussoupoulos
Nina Royle | | IG @nina.royle
Lucy Smallbone | |IG @lucysmallbonestudio
Jack Sutherland | | IG @jacksutherland | Twitter @jqsutherland


3-26 February 2017

All welcome to mid-show drinks:
Thursday 9 February 7-9pm

Illustration has come to the forefront of London’s creative industries in recent years and this show presents award winning work highlighting the quality, energy and breadth of inventiveness of its young practitioners. The ten graduates on show hail from the BA (Hons) course at Middlesex University. They all have their own visual language but are joined by a love of storytelling. Chloe Smith’s beautiful and lurid images tell the tale of how Antwerp got its name, Nakim Brown unfolds the history of the universe in a glowing graphic novel, and Summer Du Plessis unpicks Bowie’s Star Man in luminous print.
Awarded a D&AD prize for best show at New Blood, the exhibition includes risographs, drawings, screen prints, linocuts and digital paintings. The Illustration course at Middlesex is studio based and aims to bring out the individuality of each student. The work here reflects the high quality its graduates are recognised for. Included in the exhibition are: Nakim Brown, Chloe Smith, Ella Ginn, Dervla Leonard, Charles Johnston, Summer Du Plessis, Nicole Cowan, Matt Ingram, Jasmine Brady, Taro Qureshi.


6-29 January 2017

The result of Sharon’s residency in Docklands exciting arts quarter Trinity Buoy Wharf. Her dynamic paintings, influenced by the improvised techniques and attitudes of the Abstract Expressionists, pay homage to artists showing recently in the major Royal Academy exhibition.

©Sharon Drew: Drifter 2


Paintings 1-12 are acrylic on 30x40cm board, 2016
£290 each
1 Passer-by (2)
2 Passer-by (3)
3 Light-catcher (7)
4 Passer-by (7)
5 Light-catcher (8)
6 Passer-by (6)
7 Passer-by (1)
8 Passer-by (5)
9 On the Turn (1)SOLD
10 On the Turn (3)
11 On the Turn (4)
12 On the Turn (9)


Paintings 13-18 are acrylic on canvas, 2016
13 Drifter (2) 105 x 135cm £1,450
14 Ziggy (1) 64 x 76cm £950
15 Light-catcher (2) 64 x 76cm £950
16 Verve (3) 64 x 76cm £950
17 SOLD Gathering 64 x 76cm
18 Ziggy (3) 130 x 175cm £1,950

Flat-out: Four weeks of fast painting

 The catalogue charting Drew's artist residency at UEL Project Space, Trinity Buoy Wharf can be viewed and purchased directly via Blurb (above) for £19.53 plus p&amp;p

The catalogue charting Drew's artist residency at UEL Project Space, Trinity Buoy Wharf can be viewed and purchased directly via Blurb (above) for £19.53 plus p&p

Artist-in-Residence at UEL Fine Art Project Space Trinity Buoy Wharf, London
Sharon Drew had four weeks as Artist-in-Residence to use UEL Fine Art Project Space at Trinity Buoy Wharf
London and respond to the location, culminating in an exhibition. Flat-Out refers to Drew’s process of painting
canvases on the floor and the pace at which she intended to work.
Mid-20th century ‘Action-Painters’ such as Willem de-Kooning and Jackson Pollock have affected and
influenced Drew’s work with their immersive, sensuous, process-based paintings since her student days at UEL
(University of East London). It is timely that the Abstract Expressionist exhibition has only just finished at the
Royal Academy of Art.
Drew employs similar improvised working processes and states: “I consider abstract paintings that evoke
sensations and emotions are part of the human experience and so are as relevant today as ever.”
“When making a painting I want to find that point where I am only just in control of the paint, letting it behave in
ways that may surprise and delight me. As I work paint leaves the brush in drips and trails… a brush-mark may
hold or dissolve, colours separate or blend. My energy is channeled into the work and I become an observer of
the complex illusion of light, space and movement that evolve. I judge a work finished when it has a life of its
own that surpasses my understanding.”
Trinity Buoy Wharf is situated on a bend of the River Thames opposite the 02 Arena, a unique area where
nautical history meets 21st century art and innovation. Rusted industrial relics are seen against converted
shipping containers, now spaces in which to live and work. A red lightship rests at low-tide on the drab-grey
mud of the shoreline, while in the distance a string of cable-cars are silhouetted against the skyline. With long
views, expansive skies, turbulent water and shifting light - this location provides a wealth of visual sensations
and imagery.


Sharon Drew lives and works in Walthamstow. Her paintings have shown at 2016 Royal
Academy Summer Exhibition; Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Exhibition and Third
Space, Tower Bridge with Rebecca Hossack Gallery. Her paintings have also recently been
displayed at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant ‘London House’.
Sharon was shortlisted in 2015 for the Griffin Gallery Open Liquitex Prize and East London
Painting Prize and in 2013 selected for a two-person show at Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport.
Sharon has had solo shows and exhibited in group exhibitions in London, Paris and Singapore.
She is also a visiting tutor at Waltham Forest College and William Morris Gallery. Her work is in
private collections throughout the UK.
She completed her Fine Art BA at University of East London in 1992 and MA Fine Art at Central
Saint Martins School of Art in 2003, where she is now a mentor to Fine Art MA and degree

You just missed:

Life and Geometry

9 December 2016 - 3 January 2017

A rare opportunity to see a selection of Zarah's geometric paintings, 3D wall-hung pieces and a new digital animation.

TOP LEFT 8 BINARY STAR £250 1 of 14 Cast resin coated with gesso plaster and acrylic paint, protective varnish 23x21x12cm, 2014
TOP RIGHT 9 EQUILATERAL SYMMETRY I £360 1 of 3 Cast resin coated with gesso plaster and acrylic paint, protective varnish 40x40x12cm, 2014
BOTTOM LEFT 10 EQUILATERAL SYMMETRY II £360 1 of 3 Cast resin coated with gesso plaster and acrylic paint, protective varnish 23x21x12cm, 2014
BOTTOM RIGHT 11 PROTO STAR £250 1 of 14 *Available in blue, turquoise, green and lime. Cast resin coated with gesso plaster and acrylic paint, protective varnish 23x21x12cm, 2014


SILENT LIGHT Digital animation: of infinite duration
Silent Night is a unique animated artwork with a palette of all 16 million colours in the RGB colour spectrum. The animation has 6 cycles of connected shapes and colours that gently morph in and out of the different shapes in the geometric sequence. On each loop the computer code makes a random colour choice. The cyclical loops are set at different speeds, therefore the animation loops infinitely - the way it has been designed, it is very unlikely that the same colour and time sequence will ever repeat.
NB Silent Light will be displayed daily after dusk until Thursday 22 Dec (due to the need for human operation of equipment)

1 GREEN COMPOSITION Oil on gesso panel, 2010 110x110cm
2 TWELVE-FOLD SYMMETRY I Watercolour on paper, 2014 50x50cm SOLD
3 TWELVE-FOLD SYMMETRY II Watercolour on paper, 2014 50x50cm (framed)
4 COMPOSITION WITH 12-FOLD ROSETTES Gouache on paper, 2011 100x70cm £500 (framed)
5 COMPOSITION WITH 24-FOLD ROSETTES Gouache on paper, 2011 100x70cm (framed)
6 ARAAM Exhibition catalogue (limited stock, signed by Zarah Hussain)
This catalogue accompanied the Araam exhibition, a touring show of work by Halima Cassell and Zarah Hussain. The exhibition toured to 5 venues and contains essays by Daud Sutton and Valerie Grove.
7 ROSETTES IN 5X5 FORMATION Oil on gesso panel, 2010 110x110cm SOLD
8 BINARY STAR 1 of 14 Cast resin coated with gesso plaster and acrylic paint, protective varnish 23x21x12cm, 2014
9 EQUILATERAL SYMMETRY I 1 of 3 Cast resin coated with gesso plaster and acrylic paint, protective varnish 40x40x12cm, 2014
10 EQUILATERAL SYMMETRY II 1 of 3 Cast resin coated with gesso plaster and acrylic paint, protective varnish 23x21x12cm, 2014
11 PROTO STAR 1 of 14 *Available in blue, turquoise, green and lime. Cast resin coated with gesso plaster and acrylic paint, protective varnish 23x21x12cm, 2014

Artist Statement
Zarah Hussain is an MA graduate of the Islamic Art programme at the Prince’s School for Traditional Arts in London. She has spent many years perfecting the traditional techniques for creating mathematically precise, geometric art and then adapting them to produce unique works with a contemporary resonance across a range of disciplines. Her work is held in many national collections.
Her latest work Numina currently on display in the foyer of the Barbican centre, combines designs found in the art and architecture of the Islamic world with contemporary digital arts, bringing to life a usually static artform by mapping animated geometric patterns onto a sculpture composed of tessellating pyramids arranged on a hexagonal grid.
The presence of infinite repeating patterns in Islamic art is conducive to meditative and transcendent states. Numina is the latest in a series of digital animations she has created, in 2015 her animation the Magic Carpet mapped geometric patterns onto the exterior of the William Morris Gallery during the Walthamstow Garden Party. This same animation was used earlier in 2015 to provide stage lighting and background visuals for the Transcender music festival at the Barbican.
She has had numerous exhibitions across the UK and a major show in 2014 at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, ‘Symmetry in Sculpture’, which was extended twice due to popular demand.
Hussain has completed several public art commissions, she recently created an indoor installation for Sotheby’s Islamic Art week. She has also designed a room for the new Royal London Hospital and a street project in Barking funded by the Mayor of London’s outer London Fund.
Hussain has received the Mosaic Award for Art and Culture presented by HRH the Prince of Wales and has been nominated for the Jameel Prize at the Victoria & Albert Museum.